The Mediated Planet: Claiming Data for Environmental SDGs

A project that explores the global environment as emerging through environmental data and asks how data gathering practices, data access and data ownership shape environmental perception and politics.


Newslink to the Formas program and the funded projects (in Swedish): “Svenska forskare banar väg för FN:s globala hållbarhetsmål”

A new article by John Durham Peters and Mediated Planet’s Adam Wickberg titled “Media: The Case of Spain and New Spain”, published in the University of Chicago Press’ Critical Inquiry journal


Upcoming Events

Formas Agenda 2030 conference: Using knowledge in an unstable world, May 17th 2023, Stockholm

Adam Wickberg participates as a panelist in the seminar “Safe decisions in an unsafe world: Compile Knowldge or ask Chat-GPT?”. The conference is in Swedish and registration is open.

Historical Epistemologies of Planetary Modelling June 8-9th 2023, Berlin, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

Adam Wickberg is co-organizing (with Thomas Turnbull, MPIWG) a two-day workshop on Historical Epistemologies of Planetary Modelling at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin. This event brings together historians of science, technology and the environment for a discussion-oriented workshop focusing on the historical epistemology of planetary modelling. The aim is to interrogate how data and modelling came to dominate the understanding of the planetary crisis as well as to think critically about how power relations affect knowledge production about global environmental change. The workshop will explore the integrative potentials as well as the epistemic frictions between Earth system science and historical and archaeological complexity of the Anthropocene.

Past Events

Bionic Natures Workshop Oslo, April, 21st, 2023

Adam Wickberg presented a paper titled “Digital Twins and Ocean Governance: Exploring an Emerging Sociotechnical Imaginary” at the Bionic Natures workshop organized by this group in collaboration with the Digital Ecologies research group.

Automation Control and Incompetence: Sociotechnical Ecologies of Responsible Filtering in the 21st Century Humboldt University, Dec. 1-2, 2022.

Adam Wickberg presented a paper titled “Filtering Environmental Data and the SDGs” at the Workshop Automation, Control and Incompetence, organized by the Excelence cluster Matters of Activity at Humboldt University.

The NordAI Spring Seminars 2022 featured contributions from leading scholars working with AI at the interface between the human and non-human world, exploring the question of what constitutes the environment through the lens of artificial intelligence. Read more here.

10-11 May 2022, A Wenner-Gren Symposium & Planned UN Ocean Decade Laboratory Satellite Activity: “The mediated ocean: a cross-disciplinary workshop on marine data and policy”, at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, organizers are Susanna Lidström and Adam Wickberg. Read more here

Tirza Meyer presented her project “Humanoid Oceans” on the 23rd of March at Environmental Lunchtime Discussion, read more here.

Sabine Höhler, Susanna Lidström, and Tirza Meyer presented The Ocean’s “Digital Twin”? Marine Environmental Data Through Time 25th of February at Umeå University seminar series FrAIday

Funding Agency: Formas – Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development, program ”Realising the global sustainable development goals” / ”Att förverkliga de globala hållbarhetsmålen”
Period: 2020-2024